Tech Mount Corp. established in 1986,specialized in magnetic components (cores) sales and services.So far Tech Mount has more than 500 customers around the world covering SMPS maker,solar inverter maker,various power maker,transformer choke maker,wireless charger inductor/ coil maker,etc...
Tech Mount has been 30 years agency for world #1 brand Micrometals magnetic core products covering multiple materials of Iron Powder,Sendust,High Flux,MPP,RF (Radio Frequency),Hi-Temp resistance 200C,SMD type High Power/ Current Choke, etc...We also sell Korea brand AMOGREENTECH APH and APM cores with high performance DC Bias. and Core loss.
In recent years, we have been dedicated to the research, design, and manufacturing of products such as wireless charging coil inductors, power factor correction (PFC) inductors, high-impedance common mode core for inductors, and various other types of inductors to better serve our extensive customer base.